My Top Five Photography Locations

Dear Reader,

Photographs can be taken anywhere but great locations can certainly make a great photograph. Here is a list of my top five favourite places to take photos:

  1. The Beach: Easily my favourite location. Sun, Sea, Sand. Awesome.
  2. 017The Forest: The most diverse of locations. Moody shots or lighter wildlife; you decide.Forest
  3. The Town: You’ll need a smidgen of confidence to walk around, camera in hand, when there are (very grumpy) humans about but if you can manage it:
  4. The Sky: Okay so this is less of a ‘location’ but point the camera upward and I guarantee you’ll get something. 
  5. Home: There is ALWAYS something to be found that is photograph worthy three steps from your front door. Be it flower, cobweb or interesting looking crack in the pavement.

The Adventures of Canon 1100D

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11 thoughts on “My Top Five Photography Locations

  1. I often find that the best place to photograph is someplace you know really, really well. So well that everything you see has history, has backstory, has been seen before in all lights and in all weathers. Because the more you know about what you take pictures of, the better and deeper your images will be.

  2. I agree with all of these locations. I felt a bit awkward in public with my camera recently when I needed footage at a train station for a book trailer – so I deliberately dressed up like a student / train spotter so that people wouldn’t think anything of it – haha! I think it’s all about doing it with confidence.

  3. I like to take photos in the public park and flower garden. There are other people with their cameras and I still fell a bit shy about walking with my camera in public.

  4. Have yet to tackle the beach. Living here in central Iowa, I might consider a fresh and glistening white snowfall to be somewhat akin….

    Agree with your forest and town assessments and love the challenge of encircling the house (inside or out) looking for something to trip my photographic trigger.

    Great post!

    Oh. The sky. How could I forget? I’ve become increasingly more entranced with the beauty of the sky. Good call!

  5. I am yet to get any good snow shots; I’ll have to wait several months now and then I shall strike! I’ve had to eat my words a little with the sky recently. Clear blue is great for sunbathing but less great for making an interesting photograph! Thanks for sharing Julie.

  6. Favorite photography locations? I like new places and road trips for finding something different from my usual haunts. I do agree with at home though as well. Any flower garden is, in my mind, a fine place to stop with a camera. Nature is truly awe-inspiring. Even flowers by the side of the road qualify in this category. And they often have bugs and flying insects around them to boot for those that aren’t too squeamish. Me, it depends on the bug.

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